Businesses in Florida often find themselves in need of a business lawyer who can help resolve commercial disputes. These issues could involve relatively straightforward concerns such as collecting on a bad check to contract disputes that may require extensive litigation.

Attorney Santiago J. Padilla and his team of legal professionals assist business clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters. Mr. Padilla has litigated hundreds of cases in Florida and federal courts over the years.

Business Litigation Cases Handled By Mr. Padilla:

  • Breach of contract. This includes any number of situations that could come up involving an individual or other entity that does not live up to the terms of a contract.

  • Landlord-tenant disputes. These cases could involve nonpayment of rent, damage to a rental property or notice of eviction. Commercial landlord-tenant disputes could involve disputes about insurance, taxes, maintenance or any number of issues. 

  • Real estate mortgage foreclosures and other matters involving real estate purchase agreements.

  • Shareholder or joint venture partner disputes. The fate of a business could rest on the outcome of these cases. 

  • Debt collections. This might include attempting to collect on a bad check. Victims of bad checks may file a complaint with the state's attorney to request restitution.